Friday, November 17, 2006

Blister In The Sun - Violent Femmes

"Blister in the Sun" is a song by American rock band Violent Femmes, released on their 1982 debut Violent Femmes. A modest hit when it was released, the catchy tune has since passed into the canon of alternative rock classics.

According to lead singer Gordon Gano, this song is not about masturbation as popularly thought. He wrote this song about a girl he had a crush on in high school. Gordon was sensitive about his small hands, and on the first day of school a girl came up to him, held his hands in the air, and exclaimed, "Look what small hands he has!" So, he wrote the song from the perspective of a girl lusting after a boy with big hands. This explains the "big hands I know you're the one" line.[citation needed]

In 2005, it became the first English language track to ever be allowed on RnaG, the Republic of Ireland Irish language radio station. The song is also featured on the soundtrack of the 1997 film Grosse Pointe Blank with John Cusack, and although many think an instrumental version of the song was used as the theme song for the first season of "Two Guys and a Girl" (known then as Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place), that song was in fact an original composition.

In 2005, it was voted the Most Essential song of all time by Australian radio station Triple M.
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