Friday, February 23, 2007

Michael Wolf and the Architecture of Density

German-born photographer Michael Wolf documents the extreme densities of Hong Kong. His series ‘Architecture of Density’ rarely contain images of people, instead letting the extreme scale of the buildings remain as the focus. The images are stunning, though I’m not quite sure how to react. It’s overwhelming to view the scale and enormity of the buildings, and then realize that people live there. The post-modernist in me wants to decry the lack of humanity in the high rises. But these images aren’t hopeless. After all, we created those buildings, right?
La primera foto me parece la más cañera, no me imagino viviendo ahí. El cartero se tiene que volver loco y seguro que el ascensor está siempre ocupado.
La página web merece la pena. Ya me diréis que os parece.
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