Monday, April 30, 2007

The Lost Room

Está claro que si Michael C. Hall (El hermano de Six Feet Under) tiene serie nueva molona, el otro hermano no iba a ser menos. Peter Krause protagoniza The Lost Room, una chaladura muy entretenida.
Ayer tuve la oportunidad de ver los dos primeros capítulos y la verdad es que estoy enganchado. Lo bueno: esta serie te lleva por donde le da la gana. Lo malo: esta serie te lleva por donde le da la gana.
Os pongo un resumen abajo y un video de la promo.
La idea es muy básica pero puede llegar a ser muy enrevesada. ¿Querrán volvernos locos estos guionistas? Seguro que si.

The Lost Room

In the 1960s, there still were hundreds of motels with thousands of rooms along Route 66 as it twisted its way from Chicago to L.A. and back.
None of them stood out from the rest until one day when some unknown event at the Sunshine Motel transformed ordinary things into items of wonder.

Room 10 of the Sunshine Motel and many of its mundane contents — a pair of scissors, a comb and so on — gained unique and inexplicable properties on that day, transforming them from ordinary objects into indestructible Objects. The Scissors can turn and rotate any item in three dimensions. The Comb stops time for 10 seconds when you run it through your hair. The Eyeglasses inhibit all combustion in a 20-foot radius. The Room itself is an unchanging haven and a portal to any destination. But it can also take that which you value more than your own life.

To possess an Object is to possess its power. Using each Object exacts a physical, emotional or psychological cost from the owner. Just holding one makes you a target for murder. For decades, maybe since the first moment that the Motel Room was ripped from this reality, cabals have formed to collect all the Objects. As always, some just want unlimited power, and they believe getting all of the Objects will give them that. Others want to prevent anyone from ever again using the Objects. And though their motives vary, the cabals' tactics are similar. It's said that while you have one of the Objects, you have no friends, only people waiting for an opening.

Police Det. Joe Miller was introduced to the Motel Room when a fatally shot young man gave him one of the most powerful and coveted Objects of them all: the Key to the Motel Room. His life is immediately turned upside down when his young daughter becomes lost in the room. In his relentless quest to rescue his little girl, Joe becomes the target of shadowy figures who will stop at nothing to take from him his only hope of saving her — the Key
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