Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tate Extension

Ayer pasé por delante de lo que será la pirámide, todavía no hay nada pero las obras están a tope.

In an unusual turn for today's architecture Herzog & de Meuron have swapped the glass of their 2006 Tate Modern extension design for bricks in their 2008 redesign. The redesign follows a revised brief after consultation with artists and curators. At the heart of the updated plans are the unique oil tanks of the former power station which will be retained as raw spaces for art and from which the new building will rise. The new brick exterior will blend with the existing exterior of the former power station. Herzog & de Meuron’s new design for the Tate Modern Extension will bring about a 40% savings in energy and cut carbon emissions by 35% more than regulated standards.

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