Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Nature is perhaps the most influential factor around that not only determines the shape of human life but also provides inspiration in day-to-day life. Taking cue from nature, Insecta, is yet another electric personal mobility vehicle that simply characterizes the spirit and requirements of the future. The futuristic vehicle will offer comfortable driving, as it’ll be driven by four autonomous electric motors that are incorporated in a circular organism on every wheel, allowing extra space for seating. The suspension system, inspired from stretchy legs of insects, supports the vehicle to adjust the height according to the varied driving conditions.

Resembling a grasshopper, the Insecta not only flaunts an unique exterior, but its lightweight and flexible design will easily be able adapt complex traffic as well as environmental demands of the future.

Se acercan los tiempos de "la cama voladora" chicos.

Vía The Design Blog
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