Sunday, October 05, 2008

La Canción del domingo. The Killers.

If the first series of Live From Abbey Road ‘redefined and revolutionised’ music television to become the world’s premiere music show; the second series will leave its competitors standing with its high production values and truly outstanding content.

Directed by the visionary AJ Jankel, each episode is as insightful as it is elegant, as sophisticated as it is cool. Shot in a classy, almost dreamlike way, its style is inimitable.

The featured musicians will perform inside a studio environment, without a television presenter or public audience; each artist will perform three songs which will be interspersed with intimate interviews.

Expect content of the highest possible quality, our priority is to capture great performances, and we’re pretty confident we’ve succeeded.

The most renowned music studio on the planet has opened its doors once more, and invites you to witness contemporary history in the making.

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