Monday, October 06, 2008


No puedo sacar de mi cabeza esta canción, es un temazo. Lo peor de todo es que el videoclip es todavía mejor. El director se llama Asif Mian y la productora Evaq Studios. Por Favor, que alguién me diga que le ha gustado.

“Taking inspiration from the lyrics ”one more time” from the chorus of the song, the idea became about repeating the events of a day and subsequently having the guys find out that they can manipulate the (time frozen) people they are meeting again. This led to a host of ideas, situations and visually abstracted scenes that kept escalating this idea of frozen, manipulated time. Simply, I thought i could make exciting images using this concept/story and experimented with different techniques. I designed all the scenes and elements … everything was based off preliminary drawings.

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