Thursday, November 20, 2008


When will it finally disappear?
I've made a personal decision: I don't need a television anymore. I don't need to buy cable, I have a million channels and shows ready for me to click on them and watch them. For free, for ever.
With a computer and a projector, nowadays, you can have all the advantages of entertainment without the inconvenience of advertisement, or without having to pay for it. So where is the future of television?
The way in which people think is very much determined by the media. Not only politics, but how we feel about life. What we fear and what we want. All these things are going to change soon. We are living strange days.
I don't only mean the networks that produce and broadcast the shows, I mean the physical box with a screen that receives images through an antenna.
The future is here. No wait... Here. Oh! Shit... It already passed. Ilustre Dieguno... Check out if the future is there already.

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