Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Filippo Minelli

Born in Brescia-Italy in 1983 is a conceptual-artist with a graffiti-background who dedicated the last 10 years to urban communication, in the direction of the first steps of the international street-art movement, becoming a pioneer for Italy.

Fragmento de la entrevista que le hace Wooster Collective:
The idealization connected with these experiences provokes a small-but-important detach of the perception of reality and what i want to do by writing the names of anything connected with the 2.0 life we are living in the slums of the third world is to point out the gap between the reality we still live in and the ephemeral world of technologies. It's a kind of reminder, for people like me which i'm an Apple user and also have social-network accounts that the real world is deeply far from the idealization we have of it, not only in the third world and even if technologies and globalization are good things. I hope it's clear and sorry for my italian-english" ;)"

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