Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ace Norton

THE FAINT - Desperate Guys

As a kid Ace's eccentricities were more than obvious. Growing up, Ace's bedroom was like an offbeat safari jungle. Filled with taxidermized boars, monkeys, cobras, piranhas, and giant lizards, Ace let his imagination run wild. It was at age 10 that Ace was given his first 8mm film camera.

Ace spent most of high school shooting short films. One of which, "Cherry Coke Rage" would go on to win the highest award at the Los Angeles Film Festival. By the end of his high school career Ace had produced over 200 short films. Following graduation Ace attended the prestigious University of Southern California School of Cinema.

It was at USC that Ace began to direct music videos for local Los Angeles bands. While in college Ace and friends created Commondeer Films. Using Ace's bedroom as office space, they would spend weekends emailing bands and animating low budget music videos. Commondeer would go on to produce over 40 music videos with Ace leading the way. After building his name in the Los Angeles art & music scenes, Ace's work caught the attention of Partizan founder Georges Bermann.

Ace's prodigious body of work includes music videos for groups such as Death Cab for Cutie, Bloc Party, Norah Jones, Sebastien Tellier, The Willowz, Smoosh, as well as promotional campaigns for Honda Civic, and McDonalds.
While directing videos through Partizan Ace continues to produce and oversee Commondeer Films.

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