Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not to Scale

La agencia de Londres Ubik ha creado esta pieza experimental para el festival F5 en NY. Mucho trabajo.

“The idea of recreating pixel art in 3 dimensions is something that we had been toying around with for a while, so when Motionographer asked us to contribute to their creativity festival, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to take a few chances and make a few mistakes…
Taking the pixel – or in this case the cube (or volumetric pixel) as a starting point and building block, we just let it grow from there. We wanted a real space to contain the animation in, and were immediately taken with the idea of using an empty swimming pool – not least because it is a natural geometric space to suit the cubes, but also because there is something inherently haunting and unsettling about an empty pool – it was this atmosphere we wanted to capture.

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