Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Speed of light

La nueva instalación de UnitedVisualArtist se llama Speed of light. Está llena de rayos laser, espejos y sonido. Cuando entras al edificio parece que estás en una nave espacial. Está abierta hasta el próximo lunes, es gratis, es muy recomendable y es en Londres. Buenísimo.

United Visual Artists are a British-based collective whose current practice spans permanent architectural installation, live performance and responsive installation. Research and development is a core part of our process - enabling us to constantly explore new fields, as well as re-examining more established ones.

Speed of Light celebrates the tenth anniversary of broadband in the UK. Stripped back to its essentials, optical fibre is a thin strand of glass, with nothing more than a flickering beam of light traveling along it. United Visual Artists have used this beam as the starting point for the work.

Speed of Light - Making of Documentary
Speed of light
United Visual Artist on Vimeo
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