Thursday, May 13, 2010

Julia Randall

"Julia Randall's meticulous drawings in colored pencil of fantasy contraptions, tongues, lips and imaginary birds are obsessive, sexy and funny.

Taking cues from Dada inventions and engravings from Diderot's Encyclopedia, imaginary fetish objects are drawn in a hyper-real style. These hybrid devices consist of tongues and fingers, playfully interacting with fantasy items inspired by French eighteenth century fashion and decorative objects. Large-scale apparatuses, isolated in space, become wacky machines for self-gratification.

Lick Line is a series of mouths floating in space and rendered in exacting detail. Aiming to seduce, glistening and salacious tongues poke out and beckon the viewer to come close. Seen as a group, the tongues undulate and bounce. Like many voices talking at once, they invade our space with eroticism, strangeness and perverse possibility.

The Lovebirds series depicts various birds with heads and beaks that have morphed into tongues. Reminiscent of wind-up toy birds and evoking the desire to both depict and capture exoticism, these creatures leave the world of Audubon and enter into Randall's humorous, sexual realm.

Julia Randall received her MFA in 1997 from the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. Her work was recently featured at Wooster Arts Space in Reading Between the Lines, curated by Joyce Kozloff".

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