Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Robyn te puede gustar o no pero algo que no se puede negar es que intenta innovar en todo lo que hace. La semana pasada subió a la red el video de Indestructible y ayer sacó el contagioso We dance To The Beat Machine. (Tenéis que probadla obligatoriamente!)A veces pienso que es un fenomeno de moda, algo como la nueva Bjork, de todas formas hay algo en ella que me gusta.

Robyn's 'Indestructible' music video showcases a project that started over two years ago generating dynamic textiles made from liquid, air and vapor. 1.2 kilometres of transparent plumbing tubing was knitted with fishing wire to skin Robyn's body. 40 litres of glycerol pumps through over a kilometre of tube, powered by drill pumps that connect to valves releasing air intermittently between the liquid. Gradient colors pulse through the tubes at different speeds, the effect is a living, breathing dynamic skin that traverses the landscape of the body.

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