Friday, February 11, 2011

Konkreet Performer

Konkreet Performer es una aplicación OPS(Open Sound Control)Creada por el colectivo konkreetlabs para el iPad. Performer hace que controles tu ordenador virtualmente a través de visualizaciones interactivas. El iPad evoluciona y se convierte en un todo: instrumento musical, revista, periodico, tv, teléfono, aparato interactivo... gracias por mandar el link Marc!

The heart of Performer is the control object, an abstract graphic element, made out of up to 10 nodes. Combine up to 3 graphical layers to design the look of this object. This object can be moved around as a whole. Zoom, turn, throw, distort and reshape it across the screen. The app also has the ability to save the shape of your objects (and hence the sound that they represent) into 8 snapshots, organised into 8 banks, i.e. 64 slots in total. In addition there is also ribbon controller allowing you to for example control pitch bend while simultaneously manipulating the other sound parameters using the Performer object. Also coming soon to the Performer is native MIDI Support as well as “Visualiser”, a Mac/PC application that mirrors everything you’re doing on the iPad screen.

Esta noche viajo a la India así que estaré sin publicar nada dos semanas. Un poco de desintoxicación de Internet nunca viene mal (aunque será extraño) bye bye blog!
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