Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Adidas Megalizer [Processing, Flash, Sound]

Adidas Megalizer es un anuncio creado por Thibault Imbert y Sid Lee para Adidas para promover la collecion de Adidas MEGA. El caso es que es el anuncio es lo de menos. Lo interesante es la instalación de un micro chip dentro de las zapatillas que crea un sonido.

Como dicen en Creative Applications

The system is wireless, placed on each shoe (no cable running on the dancer’s leg, or belt case), efficient at a 6-7 meter range from the speakers. It includes very low latency (max 30ms), handling up to 6 shoes simultaneously. There are two force sensors for each shoe (one for the heel and one for the toe), and a wireless transmitter per shoe to capture the pressure applied on each of the sensors. The first transmitter prototype built was using a BlueTooth chip (class 3). Although the result was satisfactory at half-a-meter distance from the receiver, the latency increased with the distance. At 7 meters, the latency went as much as 1/8th second. Instead a XBee technology was used: with a low power consumption reaching minimum latency at a decent distance.
Each shoe includes A 6-pin dock to connect the sensors and charge the battery, a status LED, switch, 110 mah liPo battery, voltage regulator, XBee chip and a few resistors.

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