Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Low Guns" Platform

Low Guns está dirigido por Henry Cowling y ha sido filmado desde la ventana de un vagón que pasa por la estación de Ravenscourt Park en Londres. La idea está chula,la influencia viene de este video llamado Glide 2 una pena que el ralentizado no sea perfecto, si os fijáis bien la imagen parece que va tirones. Alguna información que encontré por la web dice

"The train took seven seconds to pass through the station. It's pure luck that everyone performed their actions well and on cue. We attempted another take coming back the other way from Hammersmith, but the station guards came out onto the platform right in the middle of this and told us to leave.

"The scariest thing about the day was that the camera – a Photron BC-2 – is usually used for military testing and as a result looks... rather bomb-like. To hit record I actually had a cable leading from the camera with a big red button, while the power cables led to the operator's backpack. Needless to say we got some very suspicious looks!"

Cowling's footage, replayed at 500 frames a second means that the final video runs to around three-and-a-half minutes.

Unit 9 
( Que tb han hecho la promo de Tropicana, 3 post-abajo)
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