Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Street Summer

Street Summer es una buena promo se que emitió este verano ( si hubo alguna vez verano en Londres) en Channel 4. Realizada por MPC. Se supone que hay un making of pero no lo encuentro....alguien??

The team did a number of early tests to try and find the best method for fulfilling the director’s vision. In the end, they worked out a technique that involved shooting with a 8mm lens and various primes that would then be stitched together and projected onto a sphere. From this they were then able to create any camera move they wanted and stitch the plate to the live action longer lens plate.

The promo itself was shot using 3 Red cameras shooting at 4k. One camera setup was a mirror rig with two Red cameras with a 18mm and a longer prime; the other at 8mm.

The team would then undistort the 18mm plates and composite them into the 8mm 9k resolution LatLong stitch. Once all the camera moves were applied they added zooms and composited the various static passers by that were shot on 8mm. They then matched the Google warp by closely studying the way it tears, blurs and distorts the image between the 2 plates, to create the right feel and style.
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