Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Shivers

Check out The Shivers!
Saw them the other day in The Living Room, great concert!
There weren't any good videos in youtube but at least I found one.
Check out their site in MySpace.

film music, hip-hop, soul, rock, jazz, blues

For fans of:
music and activism

Best description you’ve heard of your music:
I’ve never heard a good description, people are ignorant.

Describe your best (or worst!) live performance:
When I cried on stage in front of people and their parents dressed in my Loews movie theatre employee outfit as I was acting out a skit for the people which included a broom and dustpan. It was a breakdown and the worst experience.

Charades, 2004 self released
20 tracks, 69 minutes, 17 page booklet. Available for sale by paypal: $10 to or by check/money order contact for more details.

Tell us about the song(s) you’re providing: This track is on our new album Phone Calls available for sale at (click on blog for details) recorded in 3 different locations with a lot of percussion and time.


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