Thursday, September 11, 2008

Massive Attack & UVA

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Después de trabajar con otros grupos como Battles, Colder, Unkle, Artist Monkeys... este verano han vuelto a ir de gira con Massive Attack. Hablo de United Visual Artist, colectivo que ya hemos repasado en este blog. Las fotos son del Royal Festival Hall. Me acuerdo que estuvimos a punto de conseguir entradas. Al final nos decidimos por Radiohead.

For our fourth tour with Massive Attack, UVA created a new stage set, with a wide, sculptural LED screen as the centrepiece. The visual treatments, created in collaboration with Massive Attack, are the group’s most explicitly political yet. Flickering references to rendition flights, detention without charge and surveillance societies light up the stage, and computer-controlled lights, also designed by UVA, allow perfect synchronisation between the music and the visuals.
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